8 Reasons Your Family Should Get a Guinea Pig

guinea pigThere are a lot of options for families who are looking to welcome a pocket pet into their home. Why do so many choose a guinea pig?

  1.  Lower maintenance. A guinea pig’s care is not complicated. A child who really wants a pet and insists they will do the work that a pet requires can try out their caregiving skills on a guinea pig. Since they do not need daily walks, there is less care than a dog or cat would require which gives the kid success in caring for a pet. That’s good news for a mom who already has enough to do!
  2.  Can be handled (with care). Other pocket pets may be too squirmy or fragile to be held often. But the guinea pig is hardy enough to be loved and petted frequently.
  3.  Unique personality. Guinea pigs, just like people, come in introverts and extroverts.
  4.  When guinea pigs are happy, they purr like a cat. They make other noises, too. They also  “popcorn” which is jumping up and down quickly in succession. They even get excited when they see their owner coming!
  5.  Long life span. On average, guinea pigs live 5-7 years and some live even longer.
  6.  Good health. With regular veterinary care, guinea pigs stay healthy.
  7.  Varied diet. Feeding your guinea pig is fun since they eat a variety of foods. Their base diet is hay, but they eat salad veggies every other day and fruit once a week. They also eat raisins and alfalfa.
  8.  Doesn’t take up much room. Your guinea pig will be cozy and comfy in their cage that is at least 24x12x12 inches. For bedding, supply some soft hay.

guinea pigIf you are looking for a pocket pet, try a guinea pig.

Ask a friend who has one to let you come over and spend some time with theirs. Ask how having a guinea pig impacts their family. If you already have a guinea pig and are looking for a veterinarian, bring your fuzzy bundle here to the Durham Animal Hospital or North Churton Animal Hospital. Dr. Jim Miller has many satisfied guinea pig patients and would love to meet yours!

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