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Everyday Care for Your Dog

A dog can be a wonderful addition to your family‚Ķif you are ready for the responsibility! A puppy can bring so much joy… 0

When to Call the Vet for Your Cat

Welcoming a kitten or adult cat into your home will bring you hours of entertainment, joy, and loving companionship, but along with that… 0

9 Foods Your Pet Should Never Eat

You dig into a delicious meal with your family when you look down and realize there is your cat or dog licking their… 0

8 Reasons Your Family Should Get a Guinea Pig

There are a lot of options for families who are looking to welcome a pocket pet into their home. Why do so many… 0

Tips for Traveling with Pets

As the summer travel season approaches, many pet parents are looking forward to sharing their travels with their beloved pets.   Travel can… 0

Fleas and Ticks: What you Need to Know

Is your little fur baby scratching himself more than usual lately? Is kitty grooming herself more often and with increased intensity? Have you… 0

10 Need-to-Know Tips to Care for your Pet Rabbit

The number of domesticated rabbits in the United States is on the rise. Although still not as popular a pet as a cat… 0

Pocket Pets and How to Care for Them

The cuteness of pocket pets melts the hearts of animal lovers (and even some non-animal lovers.) Over the years, pocket pets have become… 0

Keeping your Pets Safe this Holiday Season

YouTube is full of funny videos of cats attacking Christmas trees. What these videos do not show is how holiday decorations can injure… 0

Keeping your Pet Safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year for children, but not as much fun for pets. Durham Animal Hospital sees pets every year… 0

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