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myhometownvet.com – website for both Durham Animal Hospital and North Churton Animal Hospital is dedicated to the care of your pets. If you think your pet needs emergency care, call us at (919) 620-7387 in the Durham area or (919) 644-7387 in the Hillsborough area.

For after hours care, call Triangle VRH at (919) 489-0615 in the Durham area and (919) 973-5620 in the Holly Springs NC. We partner with Triangle for emergency after hours care.

Emergency Vet Durham and Hillsborough NC


The short answer is your pet’s life is in danger.

Here are a few examples of things that are NOT an emergency:

  • Your pet is in heat, as in the breeding cycle.
  • Spay or neuter.
  • If your pet is in heat and has accidentally bred.
  • Delivering babies and eating the placenta. It’s normal for the mother to eat the placenta after the babies are born. She may throw it up, but this too is normal.

Some situations which are emergencies:

  • If the pet strains for more than 30 minutes before a baby is born.
  • If the pet goes more than four hours between deliveries.
  • If the pet appears to be in pain or is very week after delivery.
  • Bleeding from any part of the body, except when in heat or during delivery, provided it is not excessive. Small spots are normal.
  • Blood in the stool
  • Repeated vomiting or diarrhea. If this happens often in a short period or irregularly over the course of several days, bring your pet in.
  • Convulsions or fainting. If your pet is overcome with trembling for no good reason, something is probably wrong. It is normal for pets to shake during thunderstorms, fireworks displays and when afraid.
  • Unusual lethargy. You know your pet and you know how active they should be. If they are behaving as normal, something may be wrong.
  • Any obvious physical damage. This could be a broken bone, ripped skin or puncture wounds.

We know you love your pets and if you’re unsure always give us a call and we’ll answer your questions and let you know if we feel that you need to bring your pet in to see us.

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