Keeping your Pet Safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year for children, but not as much fun for pets. Durham Animal Hospital sees pets everyhalloween-pet-safety year around Halloween for emergency care. We hope this doesn’t happen to your fur babies so here are some pet safety tips.

Candy is for people. Any kind of chocolate is deadly for dogs and cats. Some symptoms include vomiting, rapid breathing, rapid heart beating and sometimes seizures. If you suspect your pet has chocolate poisoning, call Durham Animal Hospital immediately.

The artificial sweetener xylitol is also dangerous for dogs. We’re not sure about its effects on cats, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep the candy away from pets. Buy vet-approved treats for them. We can give you suggestions for treats you can make at home or buy in the store. If you are on Pinterest, you can find tons of ideas there too!

Keep the pets inside on Halloween. Small people in costumes can scare otherwise friendly pets. Keep pets away from the door. Your pet may try to defend his home against the strangers showing up asking for candy. Also, people have been known to steal and attack pets on Halloween night.

Unless you know your pet either enjoys or doesn’t mind wearing a costume, don’t dress him or her up. Some pets don’t like clothes and will tear them up to get them off. Halloween costumes can have plastic bits that will really harm your pet if ingested. If this happens, call My Hometown Vet immediately.

Get ID’d. Your pet should have a collar with a rabies tag. But that’s not really enough identification. Another tag with the pet’s name and your phone number is a good idea.

At Durham Animal Hospital, we can microchip your pet. That way if he or she goes missing and is found later, the chip can be easily scanned. The person running the scanner has enough information to call you to set up a reunion. Microchipping is fast, inexpensive and permanent. By following these tips, you are doing your part to ensure the safety of your fur baby this Halloween.

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