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Pet Surgery Services Durham & Hillsborough NC

Durham Animal Hospital and North Churton Animal Hospital offers the following pet surgery services. If you have questions feel free to give us a call.


When you spay your pets, you eliminate the chance of unwanted babies. Your pet may be 100 percent indoor, but when she gets into heat, she will get restless. One second of inattention and she is out the door. She comes back pregnant. Some reports show animals that are spayed live longer. Spaying also reduces the risk of several other health problems and completely eliminates the mess associated with the heat cycle.


dog pet surgery services Durham HillsboroughMale animals are driven to breed when they smell a female in heat. They can become more aggressive. They will attempt to get to the female, which means they are harder to control. Males will also fight each other for the chance to breed the female in heat. Fights mean more and expensive vet bills. Neutering your male pet also greatly reduces spraying, marking territory and sexual approaches toward people and objects.

cat pet surgery services Durham Hillsborough NC


The decision to declaw a cat is one you need to think about carefully. Declawing means your cat is an indoor animal only. It cannot be taken outside unless you have it in a carrying cage or a leash.

The cat cannot climb trees to escape dogs and other predators. If you choose to declaw, laser declawing, compared to traditional methods, reduces swelling and bleeding. It also seals nerve endings. If your cat is clawing up the furniture or shredding other items in your house, or attacking people, declawing may be the only solution. If you need more information about this procedure, please contact us.

Other pet surgery services include the following:


Sometimes surgery is necessary to treat congenital or acquired bone and joint injuries. Orthopedic surgery for pets has made considerable advances over the years. Surgeries range from simple fracture repair to joint replacement. Surgery is also available for worn out joints, ligament tears and arthritis. Your pet may need physical therapy after this kind of surgery. If so, we’ll tell you how to help your pet through the therapy.


Sometimes your pet needs an operation to be healthier. The type and kind of these operations are just as varied as the pets who need them. Some common surgeries are:

  • Tumor removal
  • Upper airway opening and clearing
  • Reproductive – spay and neuter
  • Eyelid correction – removing excess flesh around the eyes

We offer other kinds of surgery to meet the needs of your pet.


Some breeds of dogs need oral surgery to correct their bite so they can chew food properly. This is less common with other pets, but sometimes does need to happen. We also offer dental procedures ranging from a simple cleaning to floating the teeth in horses. If you notice your pet appears to be eating less, is skittish when approaching the food bowl or makes a bigger mess than usual, this is an indicator that something is wrong with their mouth. Constant bad breath is another indicator of problems. Bring your pet in and let us give it an exam to see if they need dental care.


Pets sometimes need cosmetic veterinarian procedures. A very common and simple operation is wrinkle removal for certain breeds of dogs. Pets who have too much skin, which creates wrinkles, can develop repeat infections within the folds. Removing the excess skin solves the problem. Some congenital problems can also be repaired with surgery. If your pet gets into a fight or an accident, repairing damage may also fall into the cosmetic repair category.


Many procedures that used to require extensive use of scalpels can now be done with medical lasers. This is much safer for your pet. The laser cauterizes blood vessels, limiting blood loss. Lasers seal the end of the nerves, reducing the amount of post-surgery pain. Laser work is also less likely to be become infected because the laser sterilizes as it cuts. It is also “new” with each cut; with a scalpel, the blade is used to make more than one cut.

We understand your pets – call us today and let us answer any questions you may have about the pet surgery services Durham – Hillsborough procedures we perform.

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