Things to keep your Pets Away From this Fall

Cooler temperatures can make your pet excited. No more languishing in the summer heat, however, it also brings apet health durham nc set of concerns you need to be aware of.


Fall means people are putting out more pesticides in order to keep critters away. These poisons are actually flavored to make mice, rats and other pest critters want to eat it. Unfortunately, that also means pets want to eat it too. If your pet does eat rat poison, no matter how little, bring him to Durham Animal Hospital immediately. You cannot wait.

Here are some tips to reduce risks when using pesticides around pets.


Most mushrooms won’t harm your pet but some will. If you see your pet having a mushroom for an afternoon snack, you need to make sure it isn’t one that could harm them. If you can identify the fungus, we can advise you what to do. If you can’t identify it, bring your pet in immediately. After all, you can never be too safe when it comes to these things.


Larger animals breed in the fall. Deer are common. Big bucks looking for does to mate with can be very aggressive. Does protecting fawns born in spring can be equally protective. Bears, while rare, are a concern; they can attack and eat pets. Coyotes are a very big concern, especially for smaller pets. Coyotes will eat dogs, cats and other small animals. If your pet is attacked by a wild animal, we recommend bringing him in for observation at least for a little while.

Wildlife attacks are another reason you need to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are current.


In some animals, winter hair may start growing in. This is nothing to be concerned about. It’s nature’s way of preparing them for winter. if your pet’s hair starts falling out this time of year, that is something to be concerned about. In that case, make an appointment to have them checked out.

If you have any concerns about something your pet may have ingested or any other issues don’t hesitate to contact Durham Animal Hospital. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget, Durham Animal Hospital is available after hours for emergency care!

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