Tips for Traveling with Pets

traveling with petAs the summer travel season approaches, many pet parents are looking forward to sharing their travels with their beloved pets.


Travel can be stressful for animals and for the people traveling with them. Proper planning must be done and necessary accommodations have to be arranged ahead of time. Have you determined that your pet has the temperament and personality for travel?

Consider the following tips to make your vacation more enjoyable and comfortable for you and your pet.

  • If you have never traveled with your pet before, take a short-duration trial run. Take a day trip together to see how your pet responds to the movement of a vehicle and to any safety restraints or carriers you plan to use.  If a short trip causes anxiety, motion sickness, or other signs of distress, you may want to consider boarding your animal during your vacation.
  • If you are planning to keep your pet in a hotel room with you, you may want to do a one-night trial run at a local pet-friendly hotel to see what unanticipated problems and needs may arise traveling with petsduring a longer stay.
  • Be sure to book pet-friendly hotels or rentals.  Look for positive feedback and comments by pet parents who have previously stayed at the destination with their own pets before finalizing your plans.
  • Take along familiar toys, blankets, food, and other comforts of home to make your pet feel secure and relaxed. Also, don’t forget any medications your pet may need.
  • Driving at night may reduce visual stimulation and calm an anxious pet traveler.
  • Keep plenty of water and a collapsible bowl handy at all times. Also, be sure to stop for exercise and potty breaks often if you are driving. A supply of doggie bags will also be necessary when traveling with canine companions.
  • Planning to fly? Check airlines for regulations and fees. Be sure to travel with your pet’s health and vaccination records.  These may be required, especially if you are vacationing in a foreign country.  Check the entry regulations for any country you plan to visit well ahead of the trip to be sure you have plenty of time to comply with any restrictions or requirements.
  • Be sure your pet travels with clear identification on a collar or tag. Even if your cherished friend has been microchipped, a name and number to call if found are essential.

Got Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about traveling with your pet, visit Dr. James Miller’s website or contact the pet experts at Durham Animal Hospital or North Churton Animal Hospital.

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