Veterinary Medical Care

Durham Animal Hospital and North Churton Animal Hospital offers a full suite of services to make sure your pet stays as healthy as possible. Here are the major services we provide:


Pet Dermatology covers anything wrong with your pet’s skin, hair, ears and feet, including nails. Here are some signs your pet may need dermatological services:vet medical care services

  • Lick, chew, bite, scratch and shake ears or the head.
  • Hair loss or excessive dandruff.
  • A foul odor in your pet’s ears.


Think of endocrinology as your pet’s hormones and internal chemistry. Some common endocrinology problems we see are diabetes, hyper and hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Disease and Addison’s Disease. If your pet is showing hair loss, change in appetite or is more tired than usual, a visit to is in order.


Taking care of your pet’s eyes means watching for infections, especially in dogs that like to ride with the window down or on the back of a pickup truck. Older animals can also develop cataracts. Diabetes can create glaucoma. If your pet is more hesitant than usual, unwilling to go into dark places or the eye is cloudy, a checkup is in order. Any time your pet’s eyes stay red and runny, bring him in.


Just like people, pets can suffer from cardiovascular problems. Blood pressure issues can be caused by several things. Kidney problems definitely cause high blood pressure.

Screening dogs for heart worms is something that needs to be done.

Keeping your pet fit and trim goes a long way to eliminating heart troubles. We check your pet for cardio issues during every complete medical checkup.


pets dermatology carePets may not understand what cancer is, but they can get it. Treatment is much the same as for people. Surgery and radiation are options depending on the type and severity of the cancer. Unusual and rapid weight loss and loss of appetite are things an owner will notice first.

Comprehensive Health Screening

Your pet needs an annual checkup, just like you do. When you bring your pet to for a comprehensive checkup, we’re going to look at all the major indicators. That means checking the ears, eyes, nose and digestive track.

We’ll check for allergies, intestinal parasites and your pet’s dental health. You’ll get a comprehensive report and details on what you need to do, if anything.

Geriatric Wellness Checkup

When pets age, they often fall victim to the same age-related problems as their owners. Arthritis is common. We can prescribe pain-relieving medication for this. Digestion suffers. Changing your pet’s diet to include easy-to-digest food and more roughage may be necessary. We’ll look for other age-related issues. You’ll get a list of what to do and what not to do to keep your pet healthy and happy in his golden years.

Complete Medical Assessment

This is as comprehensive as it gets. We cover everything mentioned above and go into more detail if your pet is a breed that is prone to specific problems. You don’t need a comprehensive assessment every year. Having your pet checked thoroughly every few years is important.

We understand your pets – call us today and let us answer any questions you may have about the pet surgery services Durham – Hillsborough procedures we perform.

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